Getting Started with JavaScript - Ultimate Free Resources

Getting Started with JavaScript - Ultimate Free Resources

A list of resources I used to learn JavaScript as a complete beginner

In recent times few friends reached out to me, asking for links to resources that can help them kickstart learning JavaScript/ES6. I have curated a list of links which are completely free that will help anyone in their journey towards learning JavaScript.


MDN (Mozilla) JavaScript Reference is the main documentation with examples and other information. It’s great to get in-depth information about individual language functions, methods, etc.

One can find it at MDN JavaScript Docs.

Compatibility tables

Since JavaScript is a developing language, new features get added regularly and some of them might not be supported by all browsers or engines. The below sites help you in identifying which features are supported by what browser/engine or version of a browser etc.


Some of my favorite IDE's I use for development I have listed below

  1. Atom

  2. Visual Studio Code

  3. Sublime Text

  4. Notepad ++

Tutorials / Courses

  1. MDN JavaScript Docs

  2. The Modern Javascript Tutorial

  3. Getting Started with JavaScript for Web Development Courses


  5. JavaScript Tutorial

  6. ES6 Tutorial

  7. Intro to ES6

  8. Tutorials Point - ES6 for beginners

  9. JavaScript Free Resources

Videos/ Courses

  1. Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners - Video By

  2. ES6 - JavaScript Improved

  3. Javascript Essentials

  4. Learning ECMAScript The Next Generation of Javascript


  1. Eloquent JavaScript

  2. Understanding ECMAScript 6

  3. JavaScript the Good Parts

  4. Speaking JavaScript

Learn JavaScript by building small projects

  1. 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge

  2. Learn Javascript by building 7 games

  3. 24days of christmas

  4. Learn JavaScript

  5. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

  6. - You can search for JavaScript courses and pick the ones which are more suitable for you

  7. Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  8. Smarter Way to learn JavaScript

  9. 30 Days of JavaScript

  10. Learn JavaScript Online

  11. interactive JavaScript tutorial.

GitHub Repositories

  1. Javascript Algorithm and Data Structures

  2. 33 JS Concepts

  3. 20+ Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript

  4. 50 Projects in 50 Days - HTML/CSS and JavaScript

  5. JavaScript Style Guide

  6. 30 seconds of code

  7. 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge

  8. Clean Code Javascript

  9. Javascript Questions

  10. The Algorithms - JavaScript

Coding Challenges

One of the ways to learn any kinda programming language in a fun way is to take coding challenges. I love those challenges, I have listed the sites below, some are specific to javascript, while others such as hackerrank, leet code, etc let you solve the challenges in the programming language of your choices such as JavaScript or Python, or C or C++.

  1. Hackerrank

  2. Coding Game

  3. Leet Code

  4. Coder Byte

  5. Exercism

  6. Elevator Saga

  7. Code Wars

Coding Ground

Coding grounds are online coding environments, which are readily available for developers to practice any new programming language they want to learn without having to worry about the environment set up in their local machines. Below are a couple of my favorite coding grounds which I use on a day-to-day basis when creating small code snippets for a functionality. They have been really useful when testing small sections/snippets, some of them also let you save these snippets so that you can refer to them in the future as well.

  1. Codepen

  2. Js fiddle

  3. Tutorials Point Coding Ground.


  1. Dmitri Pavlutin

  2. David Walsh

  3. SuperHero.JS

  4. Medium


  6. Hashnode

I hope this is useful for anyone who is getting started with Javascript. Let me know whats your favorite resource among the list in the comments below.


These are some of the resources I used when I initially started with JavaScript and would recommend them to anyone who is starting to learn JavaScript, some of the coding challenges are something that I always have fun doing. I will update this post as and when I find new resources. Let me know in the comments below if you think there are other resources that should be added to this list as well.


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